Paying for order

There are two ways to pay for an order:

  • Depositing into your PlayCredit Account
  • Paying directly at the time of Checkout

We encourage customers to deposit funds into their PlayCredit Account first (sometimes called PlayCredit Purchase or “Uploading Funds”), as this then allows them additional play options, such as Mobile Play.

Deposit Options (PlayCredit purchase method)

 The following methods are available when depositing into one’s PlayCredit Account:

  • Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard and Virtual Visa

Please note that funds uploaded to the online account (using any payment means) cannot be withdrawn. This restriction is in line with worldwide money laundering prevention measures.

Direct Payment (Checkout)

 Due to the nature of checkout payments, only immediate methods are available:

  • Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard and Virtual Visa

Additionally, winnings can be added to your PlayCredit account to complete payment.

Credit Cards: Visa and Mastercard

Major credit cards are accepted, as are a large number of debit cards. 

Please note that we do not accept cards without a CVV number or expiry date. All cards (whether debit, cheque or otherwise) must have a CVV and valid expiry date.

We do not accept Visa Electron, Maestro, American Express or Diners Club cards.

Should your credit card be declined for any reason, please note that we do not recommend you attempt to pay more than 3 times in one calendar day. Credit card issuers are known to suspend the use of a card for a certain period of time if overuse is detected.

If you should experience any problems with credit card payment, please contact us either using Live Support or email.

Claiming winnings

Claiming winnings (withdrawing) is as simple as filling out a short form with your banking details so that we can execute an EFT or bank wire. 

Please note: to comply with banking regulations, we do not pay any winnings to credit cards.

For larger amounts, we will arrange an independent financial adviser to assist with decisions regarding your payment and financial management.

Identity Verification

Our websites have been built with the strongest security in mind, not only to protect ourselves, but more importantly to protect you, our valued customer. We handle a large amount of data every hour of every day and this number continues to grow. For this reason, many of our card security features might temporarily suspend your account, so that it might be inspected manually and then confirmed.

Fraud prevention is thus a large part of our day-to-day operations. Registration details and transactional details are constantly cross-checked and should our system flag anything it finds to be out of the ordinary, a Customer Service agent can be contacted to have your account verified.

Please note that verification requests will only come from domains. Also, when replying, the address should not change. Please be highly vigilant when transmitting any form of personal identification data. We also insist that none of our customers transmit credit card data in ordinary email due to it's sensitivity.

Should you wish to confirm the identity of any of our agents, simply contact our Live Support for more information.

In accordance with financial data security acts such as the KYC standards, you may be requested to confirm identity and ownership of a credit card.

Convenient methods of complying with these requests will always be provided by our service agents.





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