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How to check the Euromillion winning lotto numbers:

For those wondering how to find the latest winning lotto numbers immediately after the EuroMillions draw, players who purchased ticket/s, will receive a results email from PlayHugeLottos.net! This email will give you the latest lottery result of the EuroMillions draw and will reflect any matches from your own transaction.

Please note, you will only receive a lottery result email if you purchase a ticket in the relevant draw. EuroMillions winning numbers can also be found right here on PlayHugeLottos.net. The results of the most recent drawings appear on the results page, under EuroMillions. For the lottery winning numbers from previous drawings, click on 'download previous draw results" tab. To view your EuroMillions entries click on "login to view your entries".

Here's hoping you had a good lottery result!

How to pick the Euromillions winning lotto numbers:

If all five main numbers and your two Lucky Star numbers match those numbers drawn, you will win the EuroMillions multi-million jackpot prize! With 12 secondary prizes in every EuroMillions draw and far fewer numbers in the number format, makes the EuroMillions lotto game the game of chance where the odds are in your favour! Play the EuroMillions lottery today and find out for yourself just how easy it is to win! Winning the lotto has never looked this good!

Rollover Information / Jackpot Prizing:

The EuroMillions lottery has a jackpot cap of €190 million.  This means that any prize money from ticket sales which would push it up beyond this amount would be transferred into the next winning prize tier.  If no jackpot winner steps up, the top prize tier will stay at €190 million for the following draw. 

Five biggest EuroMillions jackpot wins: 





€190 million



€190 million



€187.9 million



€185 million



€169.8 million


Why lotto players love playing EuroMillions:

It's easy to see why lottery players love playing EuroMillions. This European lotto game has produced the UK's biggest lottery winners with its mega-money rollover jackpots. Launched back in 2004 by the UK, French and Spanish National Lotteries, with six more countries joining later, EuroMillions lottery players play this incredible lotto game in the hope to match those five main numbers and the two Lucky Star numbers, giving them the chance to win more money than they could ever have imagined.

When to play the EuroMillions lottery:

Buy a EuroMillions lottery ticket online today and stand a chance to win a multi-million jackpot, but you need to learn to dream big as anything is possible after winning the EuroMillions! 

EuroMillions draws take place twice each week: every Tuesday and Friday at 20h55 CET (Central European Time) and takes place in Paris, France. Tickets for the EuroMillions are purchased by agents in Paris, France. 


How to play the EuroMillions lottery:

Picking your winning lotto numbers for EuroMillions is simple:  you are required to select five numbers from a possible 50.  Once that’s sorted, two additional bonus numbers (which are known as Star numbers) need to be chosen from a range of 1-11. Good luck!

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