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How to Play the Oz Powerball Lottery:

Placing your entries for the Oz Powerball lottery is simple:  you are required to select six numbers from a possible 40.  Once that’s sorted, one additional bonus number (which is known as the Powerball) needs to be chosen from a range of 1-20.  By matching all of the Oz Powerball numbers correctly, you’ll become an instant lucky jackpot winner and place in the first prize tier.  With a total of eight prize tiers, your chances of walking away a winner have never looked this good!

Here is what you need to match to win a prize:

Tier 1: All 6 main winning numbers and the Powerball
Tier 2: All 6 main winning numbers
Tier 3: 5 main winning numbers and the Powerball
Tier 4: 5 main winning numbers
Tier 5: 4 main winning numbers and the Powerball
Tier 6: 3 main winning numbers and the Powerball
Tier 7: 4 main winning numbers
Tier 8: 2 main winning numbers and the Powerball

The chance of winning a Division One prize in Powerball is 1 in 76,767,600.

Oz Powerball Results

To find the latest Oz Powerball winning numbers, click on our Results and Winning tab then select Oz Powerball. Not only will you find the latest Oz Powerball lotto results, you will also be able to see historic results related to this great Australian lotto game. Online lotto players who purchased Oz Powerball entries, will receive an automated results mailer with the latest winning numbers and any matches.

Rollover Information / Jackpot Prizing:

The Oz Powerball lottery has no jackpot cap which means that the jackpot keeps rolling over until someone claims the prize. The minimum jackpot is AUD $3 million. The largest Oz Powerball jackpot ever won was a massive AUD$80 million which was claimed on 30 July 2009 and and shared between one ticket holder from Victoria and another from New South Wales after eight consecutive rollovers. This shows just how much can be won with Oz Powerball.

While the American Powerball lottery jackpot is annuitized (with a cash option) the Australian Powerball winners always collect in lump sum.

The Biggest Oz Powerball Lottery Jackpot Wins: 


Jackpot Prize



$80 million

July 30th, 2009


$58, 737, 207.41

June 5th, 2008


$33 million

March 1st, 2007


When to Play the Oz Powerball Lottery:

Oz Powerball draws take places once a week: every Thursday at 20h30 AEDT (Australian Eastern Daylight Time) and takes place in Sydney, Australia. The game is run by Tattersalls and the state owned lotteries, South Australian Lotteries and Lotterywest. When playing the Oz Powerball online from anywhere in world, tickets for the Oz Powerball are purchased by agents in Melbourne, Australia.  Thankfully, you can play from the comfort of home when you play online with PlayHugeLottos.net.

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