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American Powerball - See 'USA Powerball'


Annuity Payout – An annuity payout is when the full jackpot value is paid out to a winner but the value is paid out in annual instalments over time (for example, Mega Millions pays out an annuity jackpot over 26 years). This is in contrast to the cash payout that is paid out immediately but the player receives only a percentage value of the total jackpot value (about 60%). The American lotteries: USA Powerball, Mega Millions and SuperLotto Plus are examples of lotteries that offer the choice between a cash or annuity payment.


Australian Lotto - See 'Oz Lotto'


Australian Powerball - See 'Oz Powerball'


Ball Set – The lottery ‘ball set’ simply means the physical set of balls that are used for a particular lottery. These will vary in number depending on the game involved with the most common ball set comprising 49 balls. Lotteries will also vary on the number of ball sets that are available for possible use in a draw. The UK National Lottery for example has 14 different sets of 49 balls which they make use of.


Big 5 Bundle – The Big 5 bundle features 5 of the most popular lotteries in the world – Eurojackpot, Euromillions, SuperEnaLotto, Mega Millions and US Powerball. It operates exactly as the other bundle play options with the exception that it only includes 5 lotteries.


Bonus ball – A bonus ball is an additional ball that is drawn after the standard numbers have been drawn. This will usually apply to only one or two of the prize tiers and creates an additional prize tier with bigger prizes than a player would get without matching the bonus ball. For example, the UK Lottery has six standard numbers which are drawn. An additional bonus ball is then also drawn and applied to all players who matched 5 balls. If a player matches 5 balls and the bonus ball they win more money than if they had simply matched 5 balls alone. Bonus balls are not applied to the jackpot prize tier. For example, if you match all 6 balls and the bonus ball you will not win anything over the jackpot amount.


Bundles – The bundle play option represents a more efficient and easier way to play a collection of different lotteries with a simple click of the button. Players have the choice between 3 types of bundles – Standard, Super 7 and Big 5. The bundles differ based on the number of lotteries they include. The bundle play option lets you play a number of different lotteries at once over a predefined period while simultaneously enjoying a healthy discount on the entries. All numbers entered are quick pick entries.


Caixa - Caixa Econômica Federal is a Brazilian bank and also the largest government-owned financial institution in Latin America. They are the organising body of the giant Brazilian Mega-Sena lottery.


Camelot – The Camelot Group are the operators of the UK National Lottery. They were awarded the National Lottery franchise in May 1994.


Cash Payout – (Or cash option or lump sum payout). Certain lotteries offer the choice between an annuity payment of the jackpot prize or of taking a lesser value but paid immediately as a cash, lump-sum value. The cash value is determined based on a percentage of the total jackpot value available. The American lotteries including USA Powerball, Mega Millions and SuperLotto Plus are examples of lotteries that offer the choice between a cash or annuity payment.


Cold Numbers – (Or most overdue numbers) These are numbers that have not appeared in a lottery draw for a long time. In other words, these are numbers that are currently not appearing as winning numbers very often.


Cut-off – (Or Deadline or Close of play) Every lottery has a cut-off time by which entries must be submitted. PlayHugeLottos.net sets the deadline in advance of land-based terminals to ensure that staff has adequate time to purchase all last minute entries. It is always advisable to get your entries in well in advance of the deadline if possible. If a player misses the deadline for a draw the entries are placed automatically in the next draw.


Del Turista raffle - The name given to the Spanish Sorteo Extraordinario that takes place in September each year. The name is a reference to the country's tourist industry that booms during that time of the year.


Deposit Bonus – PlayHugeLottos.net does on occasion offer players a deposit bonus. This means that when you make a deposit into your online play funds you will receive additional funds. The double deposit bonus (or 100% deposit bonus) for example, means that PlayHugeLottos.net will double your funds when you make a deposit. Watch your inbox for news on these kinds of offers.


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El Gordo de Navidad – (or Spanish Christmas Raffle or Sorteo de Navidad or Lotería de Navidad) The biggest lottery-type game in the world (although strictly its considered a raffle). Players do not choose their own numbers but rather purchase pre-printed tickets with 5-digit numbers assigned to each. The winners are drawn every year on the 22nd December and they share in a prize fund that runs into the billions of Euros.


El Gordo de Verano – (or Spanish Summer Raffle) The big mid-year Spanish raffle with ten guaranteed jackpot prizes up for grabs and many hundreds of thousands of smaller prizes on offer. It boasts a ‘1-in-3’ chance of ticket holders winning a prize. The draw takes place annually in July.


El Gordo Sunday draw - One of the Loterías y Apuestas del Estado (Spanish state lotteries) this lottery is drawn every Sunday and consists of 2 ball sets, one with numbers from 1 to 54 and the second from 0 to 9. Players select 6 numbers in total, 5 from the first ball set and 1 from the second ball set. There is a guaranteed minimum El Gordo jackpot prize of €5 million.


El Niño – The Spanish New Year’s raffle that translates to ‘the small one’. With a prize fund that runs into the hundreds of millions of Euros the name may be somewhat ironic but hot on the heels of the Christmas Raffle (the biggest raffle prize fund in the world) the name needs to be taken in context. El Niño takes place every year on the 6th of January with tickets/decimos going on sale in the previous months.


EuroJackpot -  The 2nd biggest pan-European lottery in the world. EuroJackpot incorporates the European countries that are not included in the Euromillions lottery ensuring that all European nations now have a chance of winning the big one. Launched in March 2012 this lottery is growing in popularity and with giant jackpots starting from €10 million it’s very understandable. Players must choose a total of 7 numbers to win the jackpot. Draws take place every Friday evening.


EuroMillions – A pan-European lottery game that spans a number of countries including Spain, France and UK. Euromillions has been around since 2004 and is arguably the most popular lottery game in Europe, possibly even the world. Players must match a total of 7 numbers to take home the jackpot prize which is capped at an unbelievable €190 million. In 2011 a second weekly draw was added giving players the chance to win millions every Tuesday and Friday.


Extra Numbers – (or Extra Play) This play option approximates the lottery wheeling function of playing an extended number selection. The Extra Number function allows you to play an extra 1, 2 or 3 numbers per line. Simply select the extra numbers you wish to play and the system will automatically work out all the possible combinations using the permutations available from your extended number selection. To play using Extra Numbers simply select it from the Play Options menu on the right hand side of the page.


France Loto – Loto Francaise has been played for many years in France and offers jackpots starting at €2 million, increasing by €1 million for every rollover. Players must choose 6 numbers from 2 sets of balls and can play 3 times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.


French National Lottery – See France Loto


German Lotto – (6aus49) With a top jackpot of €43,382,458 it’s little wonder that this is the biggest National lottery in Germany. Draws take place twice a week with jackpots starting at a minimum of €1 million for a Wednesday night and €2 million for a Saturday night draw.


Gift Vouchers – Why not give the gift that keeps on giving? Imagine sending someone a gift that results in a hundred million Dollar jackpot win? PlayHugeLottos.net has a selection of gift vouchers available. Simply login, go to the play options menu item and fill in the relevant information. The recipient will receive a themed mailer with a promotion code.


Holiday raffles – A general term used to refer to the big Spanish raffles that occur over Christmas and mid-year.


Hot Numbers – (Or most often draw numbers) These are numbers that have been appearing regularly in recent lottery draws. They are numbers that commonly appear as winning numbers.


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Intelliplay – This is a set of pre-defined rules that ensures you never miss any lottery draws when your entry criteria have been met. You can specify to automatically be entered into draws once the jackpot has reached a certain level or once a certain number of rollovers have occurred or in the event of a special SuperDraw.


Italian Lottery – See 'SuperEnaLotto'


Jackpot Limit – Certain lotteries such as Eurojackpot and Euromillions have a maximum value that a jackpot can reach, after which it will stop growing. There are varying rules governing what will occur when the maximum jackpot amount is reached depending on the lottery involved.


Jolly Number – This is the name given to bonus ball in the SuperEnaLotto. The Jolly number gives players an extra chance to those who have matched 5 balls. If they have also matched the Jolly number they will win a higher “5 + 1” prize. This bonus ball only applies to players who have matched 5 balls.


La Primitiva – Spain’s bi-weekly La Primitiva is one of the oldest and most popular lotteries in the world. Play this lotto every Thursday and Saturday and be sure to check your email for the special reintegro number.


Line – A lottery line is synonymous with ‘ticket’ or ‘entry’. It means a single set of numbers entered into a lottery. For example: “I entered 1 line into the UK Lottery last night. The numbers were 6 – 10 – 22 – 24 – 31 – 47 and I’m hoping they win!”


Loteria Nacional Extra – The name given to the series of exceptional ‘super raffles’ held over the course of the year in Spain, including the giant summer raffle held in July.


Lottery Draw – (Or ‘prize draw’, ‘jackpot draw’ or simply ‘draw’) The event at which the winning numbers for the lottery are established. In most instances the draw is held at the same particular venue for every draw, with balls being randomly chosen by the lottery machine. Draws are held on consistent, particular days either once, twice or three times a week.


Lottery Entry – Also known as a ticket. An entry consists of a set of numbers that will be entered into a draw. If the numbers on the entries match the winning numbers then you will win the jackpot. 


Lottery Ticket – This is the ‘base unit’ of any transaction and is an entry into a lottery draw. It contains a set of numbers that are either chosen by the player or randomly selected by the lottery software. If the numbers on your lottery ticket match the numbers drawn on the correlating lottery draw, you will win the lottery jackpot.


Lottery Jackpot – A lottery jackpot is the top prize available to be won in any lottery game. To win a jackpot a player must match all of the balls correctly. Jackpot values vary from lottery to lottery from more modest values in games like Mega Sena and UK Lottery to record breaking jackpot amounts offered on games like USA Powerball, Mega Millions and Euromillions. Jackpot values will also depend on tickets sales for the draw, the number of rollovers that occur, the odds of matching all the balls and whether a rollover or jackpot cap is in place.


Lottery Newsletter – PlayHugeLottos.net make it their mission to keep all their lottery players informed of upcoming draw information and jackpot sizes. Subscribed players who play regularly will receive 2 newsletters a week advising them of all the latest lottery draw information. Newsletters are sent to opt-in subscribers only, we do not spam.


Lottery Play Page – This is the page where lottery players can place their entries. The page consist of play options along with the play block.


Lottery Results – This refers to the outcome of a lottery draw and is a broader term than simply the winning numbers. Lottery results can include the total number of prize winners and the amounts won per player and per tier in total in addition to the winning numbers.


Lottery Winning Numbers – The numbers that are picked in the lottery draw are known as the winning numbers. If a player matches above a certain combination of the winning numbers he will win a prize, the value will vary depending on the amount of numbers matched. If a player matches all the winning lottery numbers they have won the biggest prize on offer, the jackpot.


LottoPoints – The name of the PlayHugeLottos.net rewards program. Players earn ‘points’ on every cash transaction. Points accumulate over a 30 day cycle and can be redeemed for free lottery tickets.


Lucky Dip – Another term for Quick Pick, it refers to a ticket with numbers that are randomly selected  by the lottery software.


Powerballs (red) – The red Powerballs refer to the additional group of balls (numbered 1 – 35) that a player must pick from in the American Powerball lottery. Players choose 5 ‘white’ numbers from a possible 59 and an additional 1 ‘red’ number from a possible 35. The Powerball acts like a bonus ball and is applied to any player who has matched 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 standard numbers, increasing the value of the prize. A small prize is also awarded for matching the Powerball alone. To win the jackpot a player must match all 5 standard numbers plus the Powerball.


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Mega Ball – In addition to the standard 5 numbers drawn from a possible 75, Mega Millions players have to pick an additional 1 number out of a possible 15. This 6th number is called the Mega Ball. The Mega Ball acts like a bonus ball and is applied to any player who has matched 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 standard numbers in the Mega Millions draws, increasing the value of the prize. A small prize is also awarded for matching the Mega Ball alone. To win the jackpot a player must match all 5 standard numbers plus the Mega Ball.



Mega Millions – This giant multi-State American lottery holds the record for the biggest jackpot ever won in the world. In 2012 3 ticket holders shared an historic $656 million jackpot prize. Mega Millions players need to match a total of 6 numbers from 2 separate ball sets to win the jackpot. Draws are held every Tuesday and Friday in Atlanta, Georgia USA.


Mega Da Virada – Once a year on New Year’s Eve the Brazilian Mega-Sena lottery offers a very special draw called Mega Da Virada. This special draw features a giant jackpot comprised of a percentage of every prize fund from each Mega-Sena draw throughout the year. Tickets are available in December from PlayHugeLottos.net.


Mega Sena – The biggest and most popular lottery in Brazil! The number selection process is very simple, with players having to pick 6 numbers out of a possible 60. The Mega Sena lottery is drawn twice a week on Wednesday and Saturday night with the winning numbers being drawn from the back of a truck. The truck moves from location to location around Brazil ensuring that each draw takes place in a different city from the previous one.


Mobile Site – Play the biggest international lotteries from your favourite mobile device. PlayHugeLottos.net has a site specifically designed for mobile devices ensuring that you can easily and efficiently play your lucky numbers on the go.


Multi-State Lotteries – In the USA certain lotteries are played across a number of different States. Ticket sales are combined across all the various States to create some truly spectacular jackpot amounts. Examples of a Multi-State lottery include Powerball and Mega Millions.


Multiplier - The Multiplier is an addition to your entry that will effectively double, triple or quadruple your winnings in the event of you matching the required numbers on the various winning tiers of each lottery (excluding jackpot and second tier wins). This option can be applied per ticket on your entry confirmation page. You can select a X2, X3 or a X4 multiplier depending on how much you wish to multiply your winnings by.


Oz Lotto – (or Super 7's Oz Lotto or Oz 7 Lotto) Australia’s biggest lottery! This is one of the few lotteries in the world in which 7 numbers are selected from the same ball set. To win the jackpot players must match all 7 numbers. A further 2 numbers are also drawn known as the supplementary numbers; these create additional prize tiers for Match 3, 5 and 6 tiers. The biggest Oz Lotto jackpot ever won was AUD$112 million jackpot won in November 2012.


Oz Powerball – (Australian Powerball) Modelled on the American Powerball game this popular Australian lottery was launched in 1996 and later revised in 2013. Players must match a total of 7 numbers to win the jackpot prize. The biggest jackpot won to date is AUD$80 million (2009). Players can chance their luck once a week on Thursday.


Play Block – This is where the magic happens. The play block refers to the number selection block on the ‘PLAY’ page. The play block consists of all the lotteries currently on offer at PlayHugeLottos.net. The lotteries are ordered according to jackpot size with the highest jackpot lotteries appearing closer to the top of the play block. The play block displays the next estimated jackpot prize along with a countdown clock with the amount of time left to cut-off. Players simply click on the lottery of their choice, select their numbers and span (or choose the Quickpick option) and press the ‘Play Numbers’ button.


Play Options – PlayHugeLottos.net has a number of various options available to players when it comes to entering the lottery. These options are presented both on the Lottery Play Page itself and also on the menu bar along the right hand side of the site. Play options include rapid play, bundle play, Intelliplay, extra numbers, gift vouchers and the multiplier option.


Pool – (or Syndicate) A lottery pool comprises a group of people who join together as a group to purchase lottery tickets. By combining together they are able to afford more tickets and thus increase their odds of winning. The only downside is that in the event of a win the prize then gets split between all members of a group. A large number of prizes are won by pools.


Prize Pool – This comprises all the prize values across the various tiers in a particular draw. In other words, it is the total cash available to be won in a draw across all the prize tiers. Depending on the lottery, a large percentage of the prize pool value will be assigned to the jackpot tier.


Prize Tiers – Prize tiers could be considered prize ‘groups’. Depending on the number of balls that a player has correctly matched in the draw, they will win a corresponding value. Every lottery game differs in the number of prize tiers available and the values available to be won in each. In some games the prizes are fixed and do not vary (for example, the 2nd tier prize for USA Powerball is fixed at $1 million) in other games the prize values will vary on the number of other winners in the tier and the total prize fund available.


Promotion Code – (Voucher code) A 16 digit code that can be inserted into the promotion code page and redeemed for an entry or number of entries. These codes are either promotional in nature or can be purchased on the site, for example via the gift voucher page.


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Quick Pick – (Or Quickpick) For when you cannot decide what numbers to play or are in a hurry to enter many lines and want the numbers entered speedily. A Quick Pick ticket is one where the numbers have been randomly chosen by the lottery terminal. On PlayHugeLottos.net Quick Pick entries can be played by selecting the “Quick Play” option on the play-block when placing your entry.  Quick Picks are often bulk entries which is why we have the option to place up to 50 entries at a time.


Quick Play – Another term for Quick Pick emphasising here the speed and efficiency elements of having your numbers randomly selected on the play block. PlayHugeLottos.net give you the option of automatically playing the most overdue or the most often drawn numbers as well.


Raffles – In addition to lottery products PlayHugeLottos.net also offers a number of Spanish raffles including the El Gordo de Navidad and the El Gordo de Verano. Unlike lottery games where players can choose their numbers the raffles provide existing sets of numbers which players are assigned based on availability.


Rapid Play – The Rapid Play function on PlayHugeLottos.net is a play option that allows you to play tickets into all draws for a lottery for a period of 1 week or 1 month with a click of the button. The option is available on the Play Options menu located on the right hand side of the page.


Rewards Program – An incentive that rewards players for playing the lottery on PlayHugeLottos.net. The more you play, the more free tickets you earn via this rewards program. See "LottoPoints" for more information.


Rollover – If a lottery draw is not won (i.e. there is no jackpot prize winner) the jackpot prize amount will be carried across to the next draw, resulting in a larger draw size. There are varying rules governing the number of rollovers that can occur and the increments in which the jackpots can increase from lottery to lottery. Consult the FAQs for more detailed information.


Rollover Limit – Certain lotteries have a maximum number of times that they can rollover, after which the jackpot prize will be dispersed to lower tiers if there is no winner.


Sisal – Sisal is the private company that first introduced betting games into the Italian market. They are the official organisers of the popular Italian lottery, the SuperEnaLotto.


Sorteos Extraordinarios – Another term to refer to the very large ‘Loteria Nacional Extra’ raffles that occur throughout the year in Spain including Loteria de Navidad in December.


Span – This refers to a length of time greater than a single draw. To play a spanned entry is to play tickets for draws in advance of the nearest draw. For example, you play a UK Lottery line that spans 5 weeks. This means that your UK Lottery ticket will be entered into every draw for a period of 5 weeks.


Spanish raffles – Spain is known for their giant raffle games and the term is often used synonymously to refer to the extra-large holiday raffles that occur over the course of the year, including the Spanish Christmas lottery, the New Year’s raffle and the July summer raffle. Players choose from sets of pre-printed ticket numbers and have very high odds of winning prizes.


Standard Bundle – (or Bundle Play) This will automatically enter you into every lottery draw available on PlayHugeLottos.net for a standard period of time. The time periods available are 1 week, 1 month, 3 month, 6 month and 1 year. Bundle purchases are heavily discounted and thus do not accrue LottoPoints.


Star Numbers – In addition to the five regular numbers that players must choose in Euromillions, they are required to choose an additional two ‘star’ numbers. Players choose two numbers from a possible eleven and matching one or both star numbers in addition to the standard numbers will win players higher prize amounts. To win the jackpot players must match both the five standard numbers and the two star numbers.


SuperDraw – Every year EuroMillions hold special draws with very large guaranteed jackpots. The jackpots are usually set at €100 million and these special draws will usually occur in Feb-March and then again in October. But they have been occasionally known to occur in other months as well. The public receives very little advanced notice of SuperDraws so players need to be quick to take part.


SuperEnaLotto – Italy’s favourite lottery! Players must choose 6 numbers between 1 and 90. An additional ball (the Jolly number) is also drawn to create an additional prize tier for all Match 5 winners.  SuperEna is played 3 times per week on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and boasts a record jackpot winning amount of €177,800,000.00 won in October 2010.


SuperEna “Super Star” Number - The "Super Star" number is an additional number which costs extra to play (currently not offered by PlayHugeLottos.net).  It is drawn separately from the 6 main numbers and "Jolly" number. Matching it will increase the prize money.


SuperLotto Plus – California is referred to as the ‘Sunshine State’ and with State lotteries like this one, it’s easy to see why. Choose 5 numbers from 47 and a further 1 number from 27. Matching all 6 numbers wins you the jackpot. SuperLotto Plus can be played twice a week on Saturday and Wednesday.


Super 7 Bundle – Similar to the Standard bundle except players are able to select their favourite 7 lotteries. Players will be able to enter into every draw for their chosen 7 lotteries over a specified period of time. Bundle purchases are heavily discounted and thus do not accrue LottoPoints.



Transaction – This refers to a single instance of purchasing a lottery ticket or tickets on PlayHugeLottos.net. You can purchase multiple tickets across a number of lotteries in a single transaction. This is convenient as you only have to conduct a single payment and you will receive a single email containing all the transaction information.


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UK Lottery – (UK Lotto) The UK National Lottery is one of the most popular 6/49 format lotto games in the world. Since 1994 it has continued to grow and has fans from all over the world. A second weekly draw was added in 1997. UK lotto draws now take place every Wednesday and Saturday.


USA Powerball – (American Powerball) This multi-State American lottery has been around in one form or another since 1988. It boasts the second highest lottery jackpot ever won in the world, a stunning US$590.5 million (2013). USA Powerball offers a cash or annuity payment option for its massive jackpots. Players can take part in this game twice a week on Wednesday and Saturday.


Voucher – The term voucher is used to denote a free ticket or ticket credit. It can refer to a promotion code or simply a free ticket added to a player's account.


Wheeling – Lottery wheeling makes use of lottery ‘wheels’ (a list of number permutations) to effectively play ‘extra’ numbers in a lottery line. It is argued that wheeling can increase your odds of winning a prize in the lottery. PlayHugeLottos.net has an automated wheeling function (up to 3 extra numbers) called Extra Numbers. To play using Extra Numbers simply select it from the Play Options menu on the right hand side of the page.


Winning Lottery Numbers - See 'Lottery Winning Numbers'



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